Find out more about how you can become a wholesale partner with Örtte. We want to hear from you and help your business to grow with our brand.


There is an elite selection of online stores and brick & mortar shops that are already representing Örtte, across more than 20 countries worldwide. Our partners choose to market Örtte, because they love the exclusivity, quality and premium that this brand has become famous for.

We look to work with high grade wholesale partners and have a range of bespoke benefits to offer businesses that work with us.

Superior Quality

Each Örtte product has been made with a mix of different herbs, plants and fruits, carefully hand selected by our experts from trustworthy suppliers that we have worked with for years.

Sublime Value

We never use anything other than pure grade, high strength ingredients. As well as this, we strive to deliver accessible products that are organic and vegan friendly.

Dedicated To Development

The team behind Örtte are constantly analysing and researching the latest trends on social media and within our industry, to make sure that this range is always at the cutting edge of the market.

Support That Is Second To None

All of our wholesale partners are supported with all of the marketing materials, product training and whatever else they might need, to help them get the most out of selling Örtte.

For more information on buying Örtte wholesale, you can email us by using the button just below. One of our Business Managers will be happy to come back to you, to assist with your enquiry.




We care about your health & wellbeing and have developed this range to help you achieve a balanced lifestyle. This is why you will not find anything artificial or synthetic in any of the Örtte collection. Instead, we formulate our products with organic, natural ingredients, which are gentle on your system, but are in no way any less effective.