About us

Örtte offer a collection health and wellbeing products that are infused with the unique powers of tea. Find out more about this fast growing global brand, here.

About Us

When ancient civilisations started drinking tea, more than 4,500 years ago, it was as a natural remedy. They used different roots, leaves, plants and herbs, infused with water to help with a variety of issues. Örtte was founded on the audacious idea of translating this traditional knowledge into a range of high-end health and wellbeing products.

We have taken the very finest ingredients, believed to hold restorative properties throughout history, and blended them together to create unique, designed to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

A lot of time was dedicated to researching different formulations and working on which ingredients synergised well with each other. We are confident that the finished products offer the very best formulations, which can not be found anywhere else.

Our People

Örtte is developed by an impassioned group of industry experts that strive to create market defining product lines, not just for the use of our customers, but something to use themselves, as well!

We have tried and trialled all of the items in the Örtte range and have used these experiences to inform how we represent them. It also means that we are experts in our own brand and are more than happy to introduce you to Örtte and help guide you in your selections.




We care about your health & wellbeing and have developed this range to help you achieve a balanced lifestyle. This is why you will not find anything artificial or synthetic in any of the Örtte collection. Instead, we formulate our products with organic, natural ingredients, which are gentle on your system, but are in no way any less effective.