28 Day Skinny Tea

Lose weight healthily and naturally with this Örtte 28 Day Skinny Tea! Our powerful and effective slimming teas are naturally formulated from the finest handpicked ingredients that are both vegan and vegetarian-friendly. This skinny tea has been specially designed to assist with healthy weight loss and to help improve your body’s metabolism rate and to be a healthier alternative to regular tea and coffee drinks.

  • Combination includes both morning and evening skinny tea
  • Promotes healthy weight loss
  • Made from 100% natural and safe ingredients
  • Contains no harsh chemicals or laxatives
  • Helps detox and flush out toxins from the body
  • Vegan-friendly

The Örtte 28 Day Skinny Tea package contains both Morning Skinny Tea and Evening Skinny Tea to give you the most out of your 28-day program. The morning tea helps to give an energy boost and kick-start the metabolism for increased fat burning throughout the day. The Evening tea however, is more calming and promotes healing overnight. This means you can be helping to achieve your weight loss and health goals throughout the for maximum effect!




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What is Ortte 28 Day Skinny Tea?

Örtte 28 Day Skinny Tea is a naturally formulated slimming tea designed to help suppress appetite and boost metabolism. Örtte skinny tea can offer invigorating bursts of energy whilst burning fat and converting energy. The unique combination of natural, vegan-friendly weight loss ingredients can also help contribute towards a healthier lifestyle. Örtte Skinny Tea includes a morning and evening tea to offer you a slimming tea that can be usedin both the morning and evening and to make a complete and rounded 28 day program.

How do I prepare Örtte 28 Day Slimming Tea?

To get started, take a tea bag from your 28 Day Skinny Tea pack, place in a mug and add boiling water. Once the tealeaf mixture has infused after approximately 5 minutes, it is ready to use. If you like your tea with a twist, don’t be afraid to experiment and add some extra flavour. However, be careful not to use any extra ingredients that are high in fat or sugar.

How long will my pack of Örtte 28 Day Slimming Tea last?

A single pack of Örtte 28 Day Slimming Tea comes with 14 tea bags of Evening Tea and 28 bags of Morning Tea, enough teabags to last you 28 days. For best results, it is advised that you drink the Morning Tea every morning and the Evening Tea every other evening.

What are the benefits of Örtte Skinny Tea?

Reduces Appetite and helps improve the absorption of essential nutrients.

Increases alertness and gives a boost in physical energy.

Increases metabolism and promotes healthy weight loss.

What are the Ingredients?

Örtte Skinny Tea is made from a blend of 100% natural ingredients that have been specially selected for their beneficial properties for each of the morning and evening teas. Also, as with all our products here at Örtte, the Örtte Skinny Tea Combo is suitable for vegans and vegatarians. Find out the ingredients for each tea below:

Skinny Morning Tea:

Goji Berries: Goji Berries have high vitamin content. They can be used to boost the immune system and stimulate energy and performance.
Green Tea: Green Tea is a powerful therapeutic antioxidant packed with bioactive compounds. Green Tea is used to boost performance and encourage weight loss. It is a core ingredient of Örtte Skinny Tea.
Lime Leaf: Lime leaves are packed with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They have long been used to aid healthy digestion.
Lotus Leaf: Traditionally used in Chinese Medicine, Lotus Leaf is said to target ringworm, stress and diarrhoea. It is also said to be beneficial in improving liver function and encouraging healthy weight loss.
Dandelion Leaf: Dandelion leaf has countless beneficial properties. Loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and health-promoting compounds, it can help to raise metabolism rate, purify the blood and even balance blood sugar and glucose levels.
Rhubarb Root: Rhubarb is well known as a popular culinary ingredient, but it also holds powerful health-boosting properties. While rhubarb leaves are mildly toxic, the root is extremely high in fibre, vitamins and antioxidants.

Skinny Evening Tea:

Senna Leaf: Senna can be extremely beneficial for the body. It is FDA-approved as a natural laxative, often used to cleanse the colon and digestive system. It can also be useful in aiding weight loss.
Hawthorn Berry: Hawthorn berry has long been used in Europe to improve the body’s circulatory system. It is said to help manage the symptoms of angina, insomnia and diarrhoea.
Lotus Leaf: Lotus Leaf can be used to target a variety of ailments in the body, including ringworm, stress and diarrhoea.
Lime Leaf Extract: Lime leaves are packed with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can prove especially effective in improving digestive health. They are a key ingredient of this skinny tea.
Psyllium Husk Seed: Psyllium Husk seeds are taken from a plant native to India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Although they are somewhat controversial, they are said to manage the symptoms of constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and diarrhoea.
Poria Cocos Stem Bark: Poria is extremely popular in China as a medicinal ingredient. It is said to have anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties.

Are there any side effects?

Because Örtte is made with nothing but the finest natural ingredients, there are no known associated side effects. However, it is advised to always check the ingredients before use to eliminate the risk of any personal allergic reactions. This Skinny Tea may not be suitable for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

How can I purchase from Örtte?

Purchasing your Örtte 28 Day Skinny Tea could not be any simpler. Simply select the quantity you would like and then click on the “ Add to basket” option to begin your purchase. We offer a range of payment methods and delivery options that suit your needs. Remember that when you order before 4pm on any working day you can receive your product the very next day thanks to our next day delivery service option. Alternatively, we now also offer FREE delivery to all UK orders over £50! If you have any questions or queries our friendly customer service team is available to help from 8am-6pm Monday to Friday.

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