Örtte Matcha Green Tea

Matcha Green Tea ceremonies in Japan can be traced back more than a millennium. For the last thousand years, this ceremony has embodied a meditative style. Örtte Matcha Green Tea is 100% fine milled, ceremonial grade tea powder, which is the highest and most superior class available. This makes for a very high quality product that is one of the finest available today.

  • Used for centuries to help detox, cleanse and purify
  • Known to hold 137 times more antioxidants than standard green tea
  • Pure, ceremonial grade Japanese Matcha Green Tea
  • Only one ingredient, with no fillers, binders or anything artificial
  • Can be used to make drinks, or in food recipes

The unique quality about Matcha Tea is that it has many more uses than just tea. You can experiment with other hot drinks such as lattes, baking it into cookies and even making it into ice cream; there are hundreds of possibilities. Those in the Far East have enjoyed the naturally high levels of antioxidants in Matcha tea for the last thousand years, now you can take advantage too.

    Matcha Tea

    100g Powder | Premium Grade Japanese Matcha Powder


    We care about your health & wellbeing and have developed this range to help you achieve a balanced lifestyle. This is why you will not find anything artificial or synthetic in any of the Örtte collection. Instead, we formulate our products with organic, natural ingredients, which are gentle on your system, but are in no way any less effective.